We are a global leading lifestyle brand through innovative concepts and premium biodegradable products. 

About us


Red Cup Village is a creative events agency manufacturing and retailing festival biodegradable cups as well as providing a full suite of traditional and digital consumer engagement services.

We use 3D printing and thermoforming technology to manufacture a unique drinking cup using a polylactide filament, which is a biodegradable and bioactive thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources such as sugarcane and cornstarch.

Our Story

Inspired by a 13th Century Africa story.

 Red Cup Village, was inspired by a story my grandmother told me while growing up. “My grandmother told me about a woman, back in the 13th century. This African lady united two rival village tribes by inviting them to a gathering where she made them drink from the same wooden cup. Without realising, the two kings started sharing the same cup which made them share their cultures, visions, beliefs and created unity in the village. 

Our brand story has always been about bringing people from different cultures together and creating a social cohesion – it’s not just a cup, but a lifestyle. We are building a global lifestyle brand through innovative concepts and premium products.  `

 - Luvuyo Ndiki (Founder and CEO) 


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